Opening For Postdoctoral research fellow :Sweden

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Opening For Postdoctoral research fellow :Sweden

 Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, Taipale Group
The Department of Biosciences and Nutrition performs research and education in areas of medical science including molecular endocrinology, cancer biology, functional genomics, systems biology, epigenetics, structural biochemistry, cellular virology, and nutrition. The department offers an international study and working environment, including around 300 scientists, students, administrative and technical personnel.
Area of responsibilities/description of work
The position is available immediately in the laboratory of Professor Jussi Taipale ( The laboratory is located in the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition at Karolinska Institutet (KI).The group includes both experimental biologists and computer scientists, and is currently composed of eleven postdoctoral fellows, two graduate students and three technicians.
The laboratory focuses on the study of transcriptional control of cell growth, using functional genomics and systems biology, and mouse genetic models. Current lines of work include high-throughput determination of binding sites and binding specificities of human transcription factors, and using this information to identify regulatory elements that control cell growth during normal development or in cancer. Identified elements are validated using cultured cells and mouse genetic models (see for example Hallikas et al., Cell 124:47-59, 2006; Bjorklund et al., Nature 439:1009-1013, 2006; Varjosalo et al., Cell 33:537-548, 2008; Kivioja et al., Nature Methods 9:72-74, 2012; Sur et al., Science 338:1360-1363, 2012; Jolma et al., Cell 152:327-339, 2013; Yan et al., Cell 154:801-816, 2013).
The group is located immediately adjacent to the Karolinska High Throughput Center, which hosts state-of-the-art massively parallel sequencers, liquid handling instrumentation and an automated laboratory that can be applied to a wide variety of high-throughput genome-wide screens using drug-like small molecules and/or gene over- and under-expression.
The position is a project employment.
To qualify the applicant must hold a doctoral degree or a foreign qualification deemed equivalent to a doctorate in Systems Biology, Molecular Biology, Biological engineering, Medicine or similar. Applicants must be able to work independently and have good communication skills in English. Applicants interested in any of the above research areas and/or applicants interested in developing a novel research direction will be considered.
Entry requirements
A person is eligible for a position as postdoctoral research fellow if he or she has obtained a PhD no more than seven years before the last date of employment as postdoc.
Application process
An employment application must contain the following documents in English:
- Cover letter
- Two page CV highlighting your 3 most important publications
- Two letters of recommendation
The application is to be submitted on the MyNetwork recruitment system. Only documents listed above should be included or uploaded on MyNetwork…
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