Opening For Postdoctoral Research Associate: University Of Edinburgh

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Postdoctoral Research Associate: University Of Edinburgh

1. Job Details
Job title: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cell Biology
School/Support Department: School of Biological Sciences
Unit (if applicable): Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Institute of Cell Biology
Line manager: Adele Marston
2. Job Purpose
The successful candidate will work on a project to understand how the kinetochore and/or pericentromeric chromatin is modified during meiosis in budding yeast. You will use state of the art proteomics and advanced live cell microscopy combined with genetics, cell biology and biochemistry to gain a comprehensive and functional view of the important changes throughout the stages of meiosis.

3. Main Responsibilities (Approx % of time)
1. Yeast strain construction and molecular biology to obtain reagents required for the project. (20%) 
2. Optimise proteomic techniques required for the project. (20%) 
3. Carry out experiments designed to test biological questions relevant to the project. This is likely to include live cell imaging in a microfluidics device, chromatin immunoprecipitation, time course experiments, western blotting, protein and complex purification. (35%) 
4. Present and discuss research findings with the PI and other lab members through informal discussions, and formal lab meetings. (5%) 
5. Carefully and accurately document data and archive responsibly. Prepare data for publication in international peer-reviewed journals and contribute to the writing of such articles. (5%)

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