Opening For Postdoctoral Research Assistant : Bristol

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Opening For Postdoctoral Research Assistant : Bristol

Brissynbio Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Job number: ACAD100895
School of Chemistry
Fixed term contract staff
Full time
Salary £30,728 – £34,565
BrisSynBio is a BBSRC/EPSRC-funded Synthetic Biology Research Centre. It forms part of the UK strategy for developing synthetic biology in the UK, as outlined in the 2012 Roadmap for Synthetic Biology. The Centre will be funded for five years from July 1 2014. During this time, we will continue to build an internationally recognised and competitive centre for synthetic biology at Bristol. The main remit, though not the sole focus, of BrisSynBio will be the design, engineering and control of biological systems at the molecular level.
Research in the Centre will be organised three main strands:
•Enzyme Cascades and Cell Factories;
•Self-assembled Systems and Minimal Cells; and
•Controlling Complexity in Cells and Organisms.
And these strands will be underpinned by cross-cutting research themes in:
•Design and Characterization of Biomolecular Components;
•Engineering and Modelling Across Scales; and
•Public Engagement & Responsible Innovation.
Centre activities will be supported by new investment in facilities for robotics (for molecular biology, crystallisation, and automation of experiments), microfluidics, peptide synthesis, spectroscopy, cell sorting, high-resolution microscopy, and high-performance computing. These will add to and complement state-of-the-art facilities that already exist across the biological and physical sciences at Bristol. The Centre will be distributed across 3 Faculties and 6 Schools at the University of Bristol, as well as associate members at the University of the West of England. Cohesion will be ensured through regular meetings of research teams, monthly PI meetings, yearly post-doctoral conferences, and a Bristol-based annual international conference in synthetic biology.
As part of this initiative we will be recruiting ~30 post-doctoral researchers and technicians to deliver projects ranging from protocells and synthetic nanocompartments, through engineering biosynthetic pathways in bacteria, to controlling complex cellular behaviour. These post-doctoral positions will be for experimentalists across the physical and biological sciences, and also for theoreticians with mathematical, engineering and modelling skills.
In this first wave of recruitment, we seek 15 early career, post-doctoral researchers. In addition to the specified expertise listed for each post (see below), we aim to recruit enthusiastic and talented individuals with a clear interest in adopting synthetic-biology approach to the design and engineering of biomolecular and biological systems; experience in synthetic biology would be an advantage, although not essential. There will be excellent opportunities for training across disciplines, collaborative research, and travel. We will encourage the appointed post-doctoral research to take advantage of and contribute fully to BrisSynBio during its genesis and growth.
In the first instance, the majority of these posts will be appointed for 2 years. However, we envisage that they will be extended to 3 – 5 year contracts; that is, subject to progress on the assigned projects, which will be reviewed at the 18-month stage.
For this post we are looking for someone to be involved in the design, construction and utilization of new types of synthetic protocells, and the development of these micro-compartmentalized systems in synthetic biology.
For this post we are looking for someone to carry out peptide design, assembly and characterisation (Woolfson group, Chemistry).
The University of Bristol is committed to equality and we value the diversity of our staff and students.
To apply please visit our web site at enter the vacancy number into the job search and follow the link to the on line application process.
The closing date for applications is 15 July 2014.