Opening For Post-Doctoral Research Associate

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Post-Doctoral Research Associate

 The Edinburgh Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics Group seeks to recruit several Post-Doctoral Research Associates. This follows the recent successful Mid-Term review of a 5-year Programme Grant, entitled ‘Design Principles for New Soft Materials’.
We seek outstanding candidates with experience in soft matter, biological or statistical physics, skills in any of the major methodologies (experimental, computational and theoretical) and with a strong interest in active, biological and soft matter generally plus one or more of the following thematic areas (T1-T3) and/or materials classes (M1-M4):
T1: Controlling the rheology of multicomponent soft matter. T2: Incorporating live biological components into soft materials. T3: Creating new materials by active self assembly. M1: Multiphase soft composites for energy applications. M2: Designing particle- and/or protein-stabilized emulsions and active emulsions. M3: Colloid/polymer composites: controlling microstructure and aging. M4: Controlling the behaviour of colloid protein aggregates.

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