The Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Korea

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The Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Korea

The Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Korea

Doctorate-level students and scholars conducting research on Korean Studies or Korea-related comparative/case studies in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, culture and arts.

1) Doctoral candidate: An individual who has completed his/her requisite coursework and is in the process of writing his/her doctoral dissertation

2) Professor/specialist (doctorate-degree holder): Professor (above assistant professor) or professional researcher who seeks to conduct research/present lectures at a university or research institute in Korea.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes
Scholarship Description: This fellowship support program is designed to encourage Korean Studies research by doctorate-level students and prominent scholars through the sponsorship of their visit to Korea so that they can conduct onsite field research, gather pertinent data, access resource materials, and develop personal relations with Korean specialists.
How to Apply: Online or by Post
Scholarship Application Deadline: September 30, 2011

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