John and Laurine Proud Fellowship, Australia

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John and Laurine Proud Fellowship, Australia

The Yulgilbar Foundation Fellowship is named in recognition of the funding by The Yulgilbar Foundation through the LIRRF. The Yulgilbar Foundation has also supported the capital upgrade program of the Lizard Island Research Station.


The maximum value of each 2011 fellowship is AU$11,000, payable in April 2011 and to be spent within one year. For successful applicants who are employed at Australian institutions and who can thus provide Australian tax invoices, the payments will be $11,000 plus $1,100 GST.

Conditions of Award
* Fellowship funds are intended to contribute towards the costs involved in conducting field work at Lizard Island Research Station. Salary and equipment (other than consumables) are not covered by the Fellowships.
* Expenditure of Fellowship funds is restricted to:
o Bench fees at Lizard Island Research Station for the fellow and up to two assistants at the current applicable rates. Bench fees must be paid from a different source for any accompanying postgraduate students who are working on their own projects.

o The John and Laurine Proud Fellowship and the Yulgilbar Fellowship allow for economy class travel between the fellow’s home institution and Lizard Island, for one trip only.

o The Isobel Bennett Marine Biology Fellowship allows applicants who are based at an Australian institution to claim for travel between that location and Lizard Island via Cairns but overseas applicants may claim only for travel between Cairns and Lizard Island. In both cases, travel for only a single trip may be claimed.

o Additional research expenses incurred at Lizard Island. These may include freight charges for food and equipment between Cairns to Lizard Island, communications, use of a larger boat for work at reefs away from the Lizard Island group, research consumables etc.

Application Deadline 30 September 2010

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