Funding at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Funding at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Karolinska Institutet

Form of employment:


The Board of Research at Karolinska Institutet hereby announces funding for one (1) postdoc training position at the Chinese Academy of Sciences within the research field of neurosciences.

Eligible to apply for postdoctoral funding are applicants who:

• Have defended their thesis no earlier than January 1st 2007 and at the latest on the December 31st 2010. This time period can be extended up to one year on account of parental leave, sick leave, military service and internship (pre-registration/allmäntjänstgöring). If the PhD thesis is to be defended after last application date (August 26th 2010), enclose a formal document from the dissertation-committee stating the date of dissertation.

• Will perform postdoctoral studies at the Chinese Academy of Sciences within the research field of neurosciences.

• Are currently working at the Karolinska Institutet or Stockholms läns landsting.

The selection of the candidates will be based on the competence of the applicant, the scientific value and novelty of their research plan. The final selection of the successful candidate will be made by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. You are going to be employed by Karolinska Institutet but your work will be carried out at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

You are welcome to apply for a minimum of 12 month postdoc period. The postdoctoral studies must start between January 1st 2011 and December 31th 2011.

Marie Sandström Akram
08-524 860 73

Gunilla Norhagen
08-524 878 84

Application procedure:
The application should include the following documents:

1. An application form, to be downloaded at
2. A letter of acceptance from the research leader of the receiving group.
3. A full CV including: dissertation date and title of thesis, previous academic positions, academic title, present position, academic awards and engagements in committees of trust.
4. A complete list of publications.
5. A synopsis of current work (1 page)
6. A synopsis of proposed activity at the receiving research group written by the applicant (max 5 pages, including references and figures, 12 p font size, 1.5 line space). The synopsis should be arranged under the following headings:
a. Specific aims: an account of the objective(s) of the proposed research project.
b. Survey of the field: a summary of research and previous findings in the field, with key references.
c. Project description: a summary plan for the project, including method and execution of the project.
d. Significance: a brief account of the importance of the project to the research fields of neurosciences.

Applications, marked with Ref no 2946/2010-226 should be uploaded as a pdf or word document at, no later than August 26th 2010 at 15.00 hrs.

For questions about the different research groups at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, please Gunilla Norhagen at or by phone +46 8 524 878 84. For questions about the application please contact Marie Sandström Akram at; phone +46 8 524 860 73.

Application sent to:
Karolinska Institutet
171 77 Stockholm

Reference number:

Last date for applications:
August 26 2010


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