Data Center IAQ Postdoc Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Data Center IAQ Postdoc Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Title: Data Center IAQ Postdoc
Employer: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Location: Berkeley, CA, United States
Posted: Jun 15
Be Part of Something Great! Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
located in Berkeley CA., has an exciting opportunity for a
Postdoctoral Fellowship. Qualified applicants should have an
earned Ph.D. in the past 2 years in environmental, chemical, or...
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The very appealing thing about this post doc that I came to know , that perhaps you forgot to highlight is:-
This is a one-year appointment............ but with the possibility of renewal based on performance and continued funding.

Successful applicant will receive an annual stipend at the rate of $63,000 (higher for additional experience), and an excellent benefit package.
Thanks for sharing.

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 Ya Hilltreker is right. Post

 Ya Hilltreker is right. Post-doc positions are mostly of very short term and again the scientist has keep looking for new positions due to which half of the energy keep on divergence. A chance of renewle of the term is very good option.