Life Tech Sales Operation Manager @ Life Technologies Shanghai - China

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Life Tech Sales Operation Manager @ Life Technologies Shanghai - China

Life Tech Sales Operation Manager @ Life Technologies Shanghai - China

Role and Responsibilities:

· Work closely with Business Leader and Channel Strategy Leader to develop & manage channel network;

· Help the District managers to monitor an annual business plan of actions for each distributors with respect to investments in the strategic, to ensure compliance with the objectives of regional and global development.

· Control and follow-up the negotiated commercial terms (payment, signature of contracts, discount) in order to ensure sales, and profit contributing to the company;

· Evaluate the performance of the distributors to propose changes that improve the presence in sales, customer service quality and image of the company in each area;

· Integrate Distributors through mediation and contact between the Sales and the Marketing team to consolidate the region by facilitating communications;

· Be in-Charge of the consolidation of the forecast & sales pipeline of each quarter and the whole year;

· Be in charge of the CRM (SIEBEL);

· Coordinate with different departments of LIFE: FP&A, Legal, Pricing, Marketing, Technical support ; Customer service, Accounting etc. ;

· Help the Business Leader to monitor special price processes;

· Help the Marketing department and the Business Leader to organize and follow special campaigns.

Job requirements/Your Profile:

· Bachelor degree background;

· Minimum of 4 years in Managing distributors previous experience in sales and / or marketing;

· Good in law and contract;

· Excellent working knowledge of computer;

· Good knowledge in Management;

· Fair English skills in both spoken and written English;

· Good interpersonal and communication skill.

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