Pharmacist- Doniphan, USA

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Pharmacist- Doniphan, USA

Pharmacist- Doniphan, USA*USA based pharmacy and medical center is looking for a Pharmacist for the Doniphan office in USA. Great and Fast Career Development!!!!Main Responsibilities:

  • Dispensing or supervising the dispensation of medications and related supplies, according to physicians' prescriptions
  • Reviewing prescriptions for accuracy
  • Checking for drug interactions
  • Compounding medications and preparing special solutions
  • Counseling patients regarding appropriate use of medications
  • Overseeing daily ordering, as well as automatic refills
  • Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to plan, monitor, review, and evaluate patient effectiveness
  • Recommending drug therapy changes when appropriate
  • Ensuring the pharmacy complies with all local, state, and federal regulations
  • Educating patients and staff on drug therapies

Education qualification

  • College degree: You must earn Doctor of Pharmacy degree, known as a "Pharm.D."
  • Courses: Course curricula includes pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology (effects of drugs on the body), toxicology, and pharmacy administration.
  • Training: Following graduation from a Pharm.D. program, pharmacists seeking an advanced position, such as a clinical pharmacy or research job, may need to complete a one- to two-year residency. Pharmacists who choose to complete the two-year residency option receive additional training in a specialty area such as internal medicine or geriatric care.

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