Director, Signal Transduction

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Director, Signal Transduction

Job Description

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Role Description

Reduce to practice the strategic vision of bringing first in class oncology therapies to the clinic and of significantly improving probability of success across the portfolio. Design and implement a strategy to comprehensively validate cancer drug targets direct biology efforts for drug discovery programs in signal tranduction.


Organizational Relationships:

- Reports in to Head of Tumor Cell Biology (TCB). Interacts with Medicinal Chemistry group and scientists across Oncology Research Unit (ORU) organization.

Resources Managed:

- Direct supervision of lab leaders and scientists in the Signal Transduction group
- Management of external collaborations

Primary Duties:
- Lead a team of scientists dedicated to Cancer Biology, Target Validation and Drug Discovery using in vitro, in vivo, and omics methodologies, in collaboration with partner lines
- Participate in nomination of new potential targets from literature; collaborates with IBB to fully validate targets originating in that group
- Direct genetic and pharmacologic strategies to validate signal transduction targets
- Identify, develop, and manage external collaborations with world class experts to advance our competitive advantage in improved target validation and drug discovery
- Partner with collaborators and computational biologists, to integrate data and further enhance understanding of target biology
- Ensure scientific rigor across team and focus resources towards TCB and company goals
- Contribute to building a culture that embraces continuous learning and improvement, increasing technical skill base and disease biology expertise; take a proactive role in personal growth and scientific development
- Mentor staff scientists and postdoctoral fellows

Training & Education:
- PhD or MD/PhD plus post-doctoral training in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry (or a comparable biological science) with a cancer-related focus
- Deep and broad knowledge of targets and pathways of importance to cancer biology
- Established expert in signal transduction
- Expert in advanced in vitro and in vivo models; good understanding of relevant methodologies ( e.g. phosphoproteomics)
- Effective manager of scientific teams
- Thorough knowledge of the entire drug discovery process, with good understanding of drug development

Prior Experience:

- At least 12 years experience working primarily on cancer biology and signal transduction
- At least 8 years experience in industry or academic lab focused on target validation and drug discovery
- Demonstrated ability to identify, develop, and manage successful external collaborations
- Able to work in a team environment; excellent communication skills
- Demonstrated success in designing and implementing strategy
- Track record of innovation – designing and delivering novel solutions to challenging problems
La Jolla, CA
United States

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