Metrology Engineer

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Metrology Engineer

Scope of Position:
• Provide metrology engineering support and precision measurement services to product and process development teams
• Provide metrology engineering support for new test and measurement method development
• Lead evaluation of state-of-the-art optical and dimensional metrology methods, equipment, and software for the advancement of Corning’s competitive advantage
• Develop new methods for the evaluation of the metrological characteristics of lab and manufacturing measurement equipment
• Support the innovative spirit of the metrology and measurement system organization

Day to Day Responsibilities:
• Work directly with internal customers to understand measurement request requirements, analyze data, and effectively communicate results
• Perform high precision dimensional, coordinate, and surface metrology in support of product and process development and manufacturing
• Ensure effective preventative maintenance and interim performance verification of high precision metrology equipment
• Execute experiments in support of measurement equipment and measurement process fundamental understanding and uncertainty analyses
• Analyze experimental and measurement data using sound statistical methods for development of measurement uncertainty analyses, identification of data trends, and root cause analyses

Travel Requirements:
• Less than 10% domestic and international.

Hours of work/work schedule/flex-time:
• 40+ hours/week

Required Education:
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical or Optical Engineering

Preferred Education:
• Masters of Science degree in Mechanical or Optical Engineering with an emphasis, through education or research, on precision engineering and metrology

Required Years and Area of Experience:
• 1-5 years of work experience relating to precision engineering and metrology

Required Skills:
• Working knowledge of precision dimensional, coordinate, and surface metrology equipment and their metrological characteristics
• Understanding of the principals of CMM measurements
• Knowledge of metrology fundamentals: metrological traceability, measurement uncertainty, calibration, metrological environmental effects, measure and definition, etc.
• Awareness of national and international standards relating to dimensional and surface metrology and measurement uncertainty
• Expertise using CMM software, preferably PC DMIS
• Ability to juggle multiple priorities while maintaining focus on quality and integrity
• Desire to exceed internal customer expectations for quality and delivery
• Ability to work on dynamic technical projects teams
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Ambition and ability to independently fill gaps in knowledge and expertise through self-guided learning
• Ability to teach and inform customers on topics relating to precision metrology

Desired Skills:
• Knowledge of fiber optic theory
• Knowledge of geometrical dimensioning and tolerance per ASME Y14.5-2009
• Working knowledge of Matlab, Minitab, or other mathematical/statistical analysis tools
• Experience in computer-aided design using Pro-E, Solid Works, etc.
• Knowledge of statistical analysis of data: standard deviation, mean, statistical agreement tests, data transformation, trend identification, regression analysis, curve fitting, etc.

Soft Skills:
• Ability to work closely with internal customers around the world to meet their requirements
• Very strong verbal and written communication skills
• Strong initiative
• Self-motivated with ambition for technical growth
• Accountable for actions/behaviors
• Ability to work independently
• Ability to understand and apply organization-level strategies for the success of the business

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