Opening For Director-General position : Geneva, Switzerland

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Opening For Director-General position : Geneva, Switzerland

Job Describtion:

The Director-General is the Chief Executive Officer and legal representative of the Organization. He/she is directly responsible to, and shall execute the decisions of, the CERN Council, the Organization’s governing and decision-making body composed of the representatives of the Member States.

The term of office of the present Director-General, Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer ends on 31st December 2015. The Council is therefore inviting applications for the appointment of a Director-General for a five-year term of office starting on 1st January 2016.

The successful candidate will:

    Provide scientific and managerial leadership to the Organization;
    Lead the implementation of the approved scientific programme, with emphasis on the full exploitation of the scientific potential of the LHC;
    Develop strategic options for the long-term scientific programme of the Organization as an integral part of the European Strategy for Particle Physics;
    Be responsible for implementation of the European Strategy for Particle Physics in collaboration with the European national laboratories and institutes in the field;
    Maintain and develop close relations with Member States and non-Member States, and with the world-wide scientific user community of CERN.


    Capacity for providing scientific and managerial leadership for CERN, for representing the Organization in dealings with governments and other bodies in and outside the Member States and for effective building of consensus within the Organization, the Member States and internationally; Outstanding expertise and a high reputation in particle physics and/or closely related fields;
    Excellent communication and negotiation skills. Applicants are requested to address a letter of interest, with a detailed curriculum vitae, to the Chairperson of the Search Committee and to send it to the CERN Council Secretariat1, before 31st May 2014.

For general information about CERN:

Additional information may be obtained from the Chairperson of the Search Committee; please contact the Council Secretariat1. An appropriate remuneration and benefits package will be offered. In line with CERN’s equal opportunities policy, both men and women are encouraged to apply. 1CERN Council Secretariat – L00500 CH-1211 Geneva 23 Tel. +41 22 767 28 34 – Fax. +41 22 766 62 22