Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director

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Amar Annamalai
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Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director

Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
Affiliate of The Rockefeller University

The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC), the world’s largest private HIV/AIDS medical research facility, is seeking candidates for the position of Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director.
The successful candidate must be of high scientific caliber in the field of HIV research and have led a successful independent research program in an academic or industry-related environment. In addition, s/he must have the standing to be appointed to the position of Head of Lab at Rockefeller University. The candidate must also have experience or demonstrated ability to manage substantial resources, scientific and administrative staff and in leading fundraising efforts.
The major responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director will be to work with:

  • The Board of Directors and its Committees in the overall administration of ADARC. S/He will assure corporate governance, develop policies, create short and long-term plans and assume the lead for implementation and follow-up.
  • The External Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to evaluate the scientific progress of ADARC’s Staff Investigators and strategize on the future scientific direction and growth of the organization.
  • ADARC Faculty to provide guidance on individual scientific programs, help to secure program stability and funding.
  • Senior Management, by delegating responsibilities appropriately to guarantee the accountability of ADARC to its diverse constituents and to oversee administrative and financial activities to ensure a smooth functioning, efficient and financially secure organization. S/He will have final executive decision-making authority for operation of the Center.

Those interested should initiate the application process by sending a cover letter detailing previous experience and reasons for interest in the position, a curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information of 5 professional references. Direct all inquiries and applications to with the identifier 'Chief Executive Officer/Scientific Director' in the subject line.

Deadline: Contact employer

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