Accounts Payable Administrator

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Accounts Payable Administrator

This role performs a variety of clerical/accounting functions in accordance with standard procedures in the accounts payable area.

Key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Checks accuracy and completeness of finance and accounting documents.
  • Identifies discrepancies and determines alternative courses of action.
  • Classifies and/or codes transactions to appropriate accounts.
  • Responsible for efficient and timely payment to payers and customers.
  • Resolves routine questions and problems and refers more complex issues to higher levels.
  • Posts information where the identification and location of postings are standardized and involve choices among easily recognizable situations which are subject to similar treatment.
  • Generates and maintains overall records and reports for area.
  • Reconciles accounts, posts information and balances general or subsidiary ledgers, processes payments and compiles segments of monthly closings, annual reports, etc .  Consults with supervisor on problems or discrepancies.
  • Assembles, analyzes, and audits various accounts (e.g. makes standard reconciliations); verifies payment.
  • Contracts other departments and/or outside agencies to resolve problems.  Maintains favorable relationships with contacts outside immediate work area for such purposes as obtaining, verifying, and providing information concerning accounting documents. about the position and apply online