2011 PhD Program in Economics at University of Vienna

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2011 PhD Program in Economics at University of Vienna

2011 PhD Program in Economics at University of Vienna in Austria

1.Master or Diploma preferably in Economics (Mathematics, Statistics, Finance and studies related to Economics are also considered) completed by 1.10.2011;

2. very good knowledge of advanced macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics; Quantitative GRE Score (not obligatory but highly recommended);

3.Toefl Test, IELTS test, or previous study program and thesis written in English;

4.Recommendation letter(s); Research proposal (1 page);

5.Transcript of grades of your master studies; Reading lists or syllabi for master level courses microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics Ability to integrate and work with fellow researchers.

6.Be an active contributor to the working and research environment at VGSE.

7.Very good presentation skills and ability to communicate ideas in a structured way.

Scholarship Description: You will be enrolled as a PhD student in Economics at the University of Vienna. You attend highly advanced courses and research seminars where you, like other researchers, present your work in progress.

You conduct your own research and write your dissertation on a topic of your choice in the area of macroeconomics.

You work in the VGSE office. Upon graduation from the University of Vienna (intended period is 3 years) you should have developed into an independent researcher of the highest academic standards.

How to Apply: Online
Scholarship Application Deadline: 15.06.2011

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