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Crossposting Topics on

Hi everyone,

Im starting a new BLOG to help folks get there experiments and questions answered more efficiently. In this addition, Id like to tell you about a new way to make your post more visible.

You can now cross-post any topic you create on our discussion boards in up to 3 relevant forums. The crosspost option appears at the bottom of the post a topic page. So if you are writing about transfecting jurkat cells with siRNA, you might post to Cellular and Molecular Immunology to catch immunologists eyes, Transfection in RNA silencing, and Biological Silencing in RNA silencing. This way your posts will see the more face time and potentially be answered more quickly.

Here's a screenshot to show you where it is

Click to show forum list this link appears at the bottom of the posting screen just above SUBMIT.

click it to see the full list of possibilities.

Take you time! Pick good places to post your topic. Getting the answer to your experiment is why you decided to join scientist solutions and post!

Good luck