Call for submissions on a special issue in composite likelihood methods

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Call for submissions on a special issue in composite likelihood methods

Call for submissions on a special issue in composite likelihood

Dear all,

Likelihood-based inference has been highly successful in scientific
discovery throughout the years. Recently, the composite likelihood
approach has drawn a good deal of attention as a tool for statistical
inference especially in dealing with high-dimensional data.
Composite likelihoods are constructed as the product of conditional
and/or marginal likelihoods, which themselves are just part of the
full likelihood specification. (Such objective functions have been
described by a variety of names in the literature, such as pseudo-
likelihood, pairwise likelihood, and marginal likelihood.)

Use of this methodology occurs in a variety of scientific fields
including, among others, environmental science, neuro-imaging and
micro-array experiments. The statistical challenges that lead one to
consider composite likelihood include the computational complexity of
the joint likelihood, the need to specify the joint likelihood in the
absence of sufficient knowledge regarding the random mechanism, and
so forth. This approach, when utilized properly, has the advantages
of easing the computational burden and reducing the impacts of
nuisance parameters while maintaining high statistical efficiency.

A special issue of Statistica Sinica has been planned that will
highlight statistical topics under the framework of composite
likelihood that are either methodologically- or theoretically-
oriented. Submissions preferably will provide either methodological
or theoretical advances in the use of composite likelihood for
scientific inference. Priority will be given to papers that are
assessed to be, statistically and scientifically speaking, the most
innovative, comprehensive, and of interest to a wide readership.

Papers submitted to the special issue will be reviewed according to
the regular procedure of the journal. Accepted papers will appear in
a single issue of Statistica Sinica, scheduled for 2010. Please
contact Bruce Lindsay ( ) for questions on the suitability
of your paper(s). Submissions must be made online through the journal
site at

http://www.stat. tw/statistica/

Please use the LaTeX article template, also available at the above
site, for preparing your manuscript submission. The deadline for
submission is September 30, 2009. Authors wishing to receive email
alerts as the deadline approaches may contact the editorial
assistant, Patty Hubbard (phubbard@jhsph. edu ) or Karen Li
(Karen@stat.sinica. ).

Sincerely yours,

Bruce Lindsay (Chair), Pennsylvania State University (
Nancy Reid, University of Toronto (reid@utstat. utoronto. edu)
Kung-Yee Liang, Johns Hopkins University (kyliang@jhsph. edu)