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Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to announce that the website for CYTO 2010: ISAC’s XXV International Congress is now open.  This new website will be the website for future CYTO conferences and to access past Congress information.  Please be sure to check the website as more information becomes available and registration begins. 
The rebranding of the Congress as CYTO and new website is another step in the evolution of the Society.  The change in the name of the Society heralds a new vision and purpose for the Society aimed at serving our community better and taking the lead on a wide range of activities that will ensure a bright future for our discipline in the life sciences.
ISAC has taken particular care in selecting the Seattle venue for this celebration and CYTO launch - we hope that attendees will have the opportunity to take advantage of the welcoming nature of the city, the convenient access to local facilities, a range of affordable accommodation, tourism opportunities and the wider beauty of the Pacific North-West.