Need help with PRA

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Need help with PRA

Please,I would appreciate if someone out there could help locate a stright forward protocol that can be used for plasma renin activity measurement of you could recommend a simple kit.I have searced but couldn't come up with something tangible and I have limited access to the internet.I would really appreciate any help that anyone can render with regards to this request

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Diagnostic Systems

Diagnostic Systems Laboratories, Inc. make this Human Renin I RMA Kit kit (Cat No.DSL-25100). Maybe it will help you out?

Instruction manual

If internet access is a problem for you here are the company's contact details

Diagnostic Systems Laboratories, Inc.
445 Medical Center Blvd
Webster Texas 77598
Customer Service: (800) 231-7970
Fax Number: (281) 338-1895
Web Site: