Antibody Staining

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Antibody Staining

 I need to use CD56/CD16 Percp or CD56/CD16 Percp/Cy5.5 antibody for labeling NK cells of PBMC (flowcytometry) in my experiment, but I couldn’t find these cocktail antibodies(CD56/CD16 Percp or CD56/CD16 Percp/Cy5.5) and I have Anti-CD56 Percp and Anti-CD16 Percp,So I want to add each antibody to each sample separately.
 If I can make an antibody mix and then add the mix to each sample. Is there a risk that the antibodies bind to each other in the mix or not?

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They could but chances are

They could but chances are that they won't. And even if they do, chances are the Ac have more affinity towards your cell antigen so when you mix your Ac with your cells, the complex will unbind and go for their specific antigens. I wouldn't worry to much about that...