Offshore Venture Capital

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Offshore Venture Capital

Has anyone tried offshore capitalization alternatives like these? I'd hate to lose direction and control to typical VC groups.

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Try getting easy funding from

Try getting easy funding from a large network of investors and entrepreneurs.

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I did some researches on land

I did some researches on land-based farming of seaweeds (carrageenophytes) in the Philippines and Indonesia. My findings showed that land-based system of farming seaweeds is very profitable and that investments can be recovered in less than one year. I would like to do the COMMERCIALIZATION of this technology in the Philippines. However, I need some assistance in finding the START-UP CAPITAL. I would like to establish this seaweed farm in Olango Island, Lapu-lapu City, Philippines. I already own a 5000 sq.m. area good for this purpose.
I am looking for a business partner who can contribute the cash portion of the start-up capital needed. I will provide the land, technology, and management. We can split profit 50% . The start-up capital needed is only about USD10,000.