an american in canada

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an american in canada

 Yep, thats right, Canada is in fact a foreign country even if you are American.  This is something I didn't really think very much about before I came up here to start my PhD 5 years ago.  Overall, the experience has been very good - but I'd think twice about doing it again.  The major disadvantages - aside from the irritations, costs, and delays of visas - relate to funding.  Many of the funding opportunities for graduate students here (of which there are many) require that the student is either a citizen or a permanent resident (sort of like having a green card).  To me, this meant that many of my classmates had the opportunity to apply for and receive stipends that effectively doubled their annual incomes as well as providing excellent awards to list on their resumes while I could not even apply.  Regardless of the underlying roots of these rules, the effect on foreign students is clearly not good and, to a small extent, leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth when I think about Canada.  
 I wonder if policies like this contribute to the 'brain drain' of scientists departing Canada?
 What is the best country to do research in as a foreigner to that country?  Where are you likely to be welcomed and treated as an equal?