Simultaneous RNA and DNA extraction

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Simultaneous RNA and DNA extraction

Hi guys,

I want to isolate RNA and DNA from Anopheles mosquito samples. I have been trying different variations of the TRIzol protocol (back extraction buffer, sodium citrate) and have had little success in recovering good gDNA. My 260/230 ratios have generally been poor (0.30-0.60) and the absorbance peak at 270 nm! What's more puzzling is that when run on the gel, I get no bands!

I know there are some kits out there that can be a better alternative but I was wondering if anyone can recommend a particular kit from experience?

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Nice and informative thread

Nice and informative thread it is. Thank you all for sharing the information on HPLC assay method.
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Nikail Collins
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There are several total nucleic extraction kits on the market.  I used to extract total nucleic acid from mosquitos using the EasyMag and the NucliSENS easyMAG, total nucleic acid extraction kit.  I am sure others work as well, but this is my experience.