Sequencing services vs buying a sequencer

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Sequencing services vs buying a sequencer

I need an advice.
We perform about 200 sequence reactions a year by using DNA sequencing services and
we are worried about leaking the sequence information
to other companies (it often happens in CIS countries).
So we'd like to have our own DNA sequencer.
Should we go for 1 cappilary sequencer, like ABI Prism 310?
Can somebody recommend a better solution?
Do you think it'll be too expensive and problematic (compared to using the services) to operate?
Or it will be just fine for us?
Thank you!

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ABI prism is the same

ABI prism is the same equipment we have in the central faciltiy of our department. Although I have never used the equipment but then it requires alot of expertise to carry out such high profile work. We have a techinical assistant handling it solely for the department. Your lab will require a dedicated expert for carrying out the sequencing for you.
Bottom line ... Applied biosciences have the reliable equipment but reliable expert you have to find out for yourself