Post your opinion on the latest RT-PCR Thermocyclers

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Tony Rook
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Post your opinion on the latest RT-PCR Thermocyclers

I am currently in the market for a thermocycler capable of performing Real Time PCR. Ironically, there is a review article in this weeks edition of The Scientist. The article reviews six of the market's latest thermocyclers:

(1) Analytik Jena's Speedcycler
(2) Applied Biosystems 9800 Fast Thermal Cycler,
(3) BioRad's (formerly MJ Geneworks) MJ Mini Gradient Thermal Cycler
(4) MiniOpticon Real-Time PCR Detection System (also available through BioRad),
(5) Stratagene's MX3005P, and
(6) BioTrove's OpenArray NT Cycler.

Does anyone know of any other review articles on this subject that I should read?

Can anyone share their comments or personal experience with the aforementioned systems? What are the pros and cons of the systems that you have been using?

What questions should I be asking the vendors when I inquire about there systems?

Any other advice that you may be able to give to someone new to the thermocycler market.

Thanks for any help you may provide,