what is the best first step to apply for a PhD

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what is the best first step to apply for a PhD

 just as a new student graduating with master degree in microbiology i wonder about many things for my future ?
what is butter for me to apply for a job or to go for a PhD ?
if a Phd then what is the steps i shall take first ?
shall i write a proposal for a research plan or does the group already have ongoing research at their labs. ?
what topic shall i choose in research ? for example some people go to proteins research , other go to cell cycle regulation , cancer research or  vaccine research ? are there any websites to choose phd possible topics or motivation of PhD project ?
what possible jobs are good for me as a microbiologist ? 
please all kind of advice are very appreciated !!!

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 Before applying for the

 Before applying for the biology PhD, have you thought carefully and have you done some research. Of course, it's good to prepare ahead of time. Wish you a good luck.