Please read and help me ASAP...

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Please read and help me ASAP...

I am writing up a practical work at the moment, and it's on the effect of enzyme concentration on the rate.

My line graph shows that the rate at which 1% concentration of protease catalysed 1% concentration of milk protein is less steep than that of the catalysis of 0.75% milk protein.

Can I explain that by saying there could be more substrates in the 1% milk soln than there are enzymes in the 1% protease soln? Or is it just an anomalous result?

From what I know in chemistry surely 1% reacting with 1% is a 1:1 reaction, but I got confused and started thinking:

maybe there could be more moles in the 1%enzyme soln than the 1% substrate soln. I am really desperate please help....