Making a histodiagram-HELP!

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Making a histodiagram-HELP!

How can i make a histodiagram in Excel by using Microsoft Windows Version 2002? Or how can i make it since i am going to present my data by using it.

Thank you!

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Do you mean a bar graph? In

Do you mean a bar graph? In Excel, enter your independent and dependent varibales (ie your data) into adjacent columns (or rows). You may find it helpful to include labels in the first row of each column. Highlight the data, including the labels and select "Insert - chart". A chart wizard will help guide you through the steps to make sure your data is displayed the way you wish to see it. You may then add titles and legends to make it clear and presentable. Always use a very succinct title when creating graphs so that your audience knows what they are seeing.

Hope that helps.