Flow cytometry and sorting

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Flow cytometry and sorting

Right now i'm having a problem of sorting viable cells of cultured fetal liver cells. My 90% cells after sorting are non viable.
I'm giving you the protocol that i follow-:
1. Decant the media and wash with PBS twice for 3-4 mins 7-10 ml volume twice.
2. Add 2 ml of trypsin and incubate for 3-4 mins.
3. Add 3-4 ml of FCS containing media and with the help of pipette try to rinse the 90mm for 7-9 times.
4. Add plain media to remove left over adherent cells.
5. Keep these cells in 10% media for 30 mins to revive.
6. Staining with 3% FCS containing media with 100X HEPES kept in Ice, for 30 mins.
7. Wash with 4X the volume of 3% Media.
8. Incubate in secondary for 30 mins in Ice.
9.Wash with the FCS containing media.
10. Resuspend it in 3% media and then sort these cells in 85 micron nozzle.
11. fill the collection tube with media and centrifuge at 1500 rpm for 5 mins.

These cells are bigger in size that i use to analyze at FSC- A of 180-242. They are of fetal stage of 13-15 days old embryo.

Kindly suggest some solution. Hope to listen from you soon.

Thanking you

marcus muench
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 I'm assuming your trying to

 I'm assuming your trying to sort hepatocytes/hepatoblasts?  If so, these cells are quite delicate.  Try to limit all those washes and reduce the speed of the centrifuge to minimize the g-force.  Plate some unsorted cells to make sure you are actually going to the sorted with viable cells.

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i'm looking for some MSCs

i'm looking for some MSCs from these early stage fetal liver. Do i need to follow the same precaution that you had suggested?

marcus muench
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 MSC should be much hardier.

 MSC should be much hardier.  You may consider centrifugation on a light-density layer (1.077 g/ml, nycodenz or ficoll etc) to remove dead cells and mature hepatic cells.  In the bone marrow at least, MSC are generally light -density.