Can someone send me this article?

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Can someone send me this article?

Hello Everybody,

I'm new on this forum and looking forward to gain more information from you all.

Can you please forward this research article:
"Association of intracellular proteins with folded major histocompatibility complex class I molecules"

Immunol Res. 2004;30(2):171-9

I will really appreciate it. You can forward this article on

Thank you

Richard Taylor
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You can purchase it for $30

You can purchase it for $30 online from here

You could contact the author, Joyce Solheim, directly, they may (depending on the terms of what they've signed away to the journal) be able to supply you with a free copy.

If you do get in touch with them you could ask why they chose not to publish this review in a more open and accessible manner - you could invite them to reply on this thread.

As Solheim receives NIH funding, there's a chance that the NIH policy :
will be followed and the article will at some point be made available on pubmedcentral.

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