Thimerosal-Free Flu Shots - HI in Short Supply!

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Thimerosal-Free Flu Shots - HI in Short Supply!

The controversy lives on as to the impact of thimerosal in various vaccines and the link to a rise in the numbers of children diagnosed with autism or pervasive development disorders (not otherwise specified). Thimerosal has been eliminated from many of the vaccines that are given in early childhood. Many people are encouraged every year to take the flu shot - including pregnant mothers and infants - BEWARE!!!!!! Many doctors are unaware that many of the common suppliers of flu shots use THIMEROSAL - but they -also offer the thimerosal-free version. We need to push every doctor administering these shots to demand the thimerosal-free version to help slow down the rise of autsim that is now affecting nearly 1-200 live births!!

DO YOUR PART - next time you are at your family physician - request the thimerosal-free version of the flu shot. Especially if you have young children - be careful what your doctor is injecting into their bodies. How awful if you could have prevented the onset of autism in your child if you had just spoken up to your doctor before they received their flu shot!

Here in Hawaii, we are in short supply of the thimerosal-free flu shots. A group of parents with autistic children are reaching out to raise awareness to the rest of the world, and making our voices be heard. Please, if you know anyone who is pregnant or with small children, let them know there is an alternative flu shot that is much safer.