ELISA Software question

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ELISA Software question

Hello all. For some time now our lab has been using old DOS-based software to run our two MicroTek plate readers. After a little research on the net, I have come to believe there is a gap in available software out there. Programs that do everything except make coffee are common, but as we are a diagnostic lab, we don't need kinetics, multiple wavelengths, etc.

What I am trying to find out is this: ido you know of a vanilla program, that interfaces with your plate readers, reads O.D's, saves and prints the data, does basic calcs (background, positives....), with a decent search feature, all under XP or newer ? If not, would you be interested in such a beast ?

I am asking all this because I am also a programmer.
I'd appreciate your views on this.

Thanks very much for your time.