Conference on Lightnings?

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Isidro A. T. Savillo
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Conference on Lightnings?

 How come that we donot have any conferences on lightnings? It is a big concern for field biologists or taxonomists in tropical countries  to go out and look for specimens in the fields when suddenly there will be a change of weather and lightnings struck. ( I hope this will not be enhanced by Climate Change)  Records showed that  lightnings also had victimized tropical poor farmers especially when they were suddenly caught in the field  and it seemed that they become defenseless. I hope there are ways to save individuals caught in this situation and this is through scientific studies and a call for conference in this area is a must.

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Check out this site:

Check out this site:
International Conference on Lightning Protection
ICLP is a scientific/technical organ aiming at promoting scientific research on lightning physics as well as methods for improving protection of people, animals and properties against the effects of lightning.
Regular international meetings on lightning events and lightning protection of structures and services are organized by ICLP in order to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of scientific knowledge and information among scientists and engineers who are engaged in research and practical application on lightning protection and to ensure the effective transfer of new knowledge from lightning research into practice for the benefit of society.