8th Annual Bioprocessing Summit

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Heidi Ohrenberger
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8th Annual Bioprocessing Summit

The Bioprocessing Summit brings together international leaders to discuss today's bioprocess issues from cell line selection to bioproduction. The Summit provides practical details in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere that promotes information exchange and networking. This leading bioprocess meeting is hosted in Boston each summer along the lively and cosmopolitan harbor waterfront. Each year, the international bioprocessing community comes together at the Summit to share practical solutions for today’s bioprocess challenges with researchers from around the world. Spanning five days, the 2016 meeting includes 16 conference programs, 9 training seminars, and 10 short courses.Programs include:

  • Optimizing Cell Culture Technology
  • Continuous Processing in Biopharm Manufacturing
  • Host Cell Proteins : Detection, Analysis and Removal
  • Rapid Methods to Assess Quality & Stability of Biologics
  • Cell Therapy CMC, Quality and Analytics
  • Manufacturing and CMC Strategies for Biologics
  • Bioproduction: Scale, Bioreactors & Disposables
  • Advances in Purification Technologies
  • Early Analytical Development for Biotherapeutics
  • Overcoming Formulation Challenges for Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Cell Therapy Bioproduction, Operations and Logistics
  • Optimizing Cell Line Development
  • Virus and Pathogen Clearance and Safety in Biologics
  • Process Characterization, Qualification and Control
  • High-Concentration Protein Formulations
  • Gene Therapy Bioproduction

Learn more: http://www.bioprocessingsummit.com/