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regarding subscriptions to forums

I have a small request:
Can you please program the subscription software so that it will *not* send an email alert why *I* post messages in the forum i subscribed to, but only when others post?

marcia (not verified)
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I am not sure I understand your request. When you post in a forum you have subscribed to you only want an email when?

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I think Gal wants an email

I think Gal wants an email only when somebody else posts in a topic/forum that he's subscribed to (since he'd of course know if he posted and wouldn't need the alert)

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Exactly what asumnicht said.

Exactly what asumnicht said.
subscriing is already starting to fill my mail box with at least 8-10 messages a day.
eliminating emails about my own posts will decrease it by a few.

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and if we're at it, here is

and if we're at it, here is another suggestion to reduce emails:

send only one email when a msg is posted in a forum that i subscribe to, even if more posts (in the same thread!) were made.
later, if i use the link in the email (which means i saw the email and entered the forum to read the thread), and after that there are more messages in that thread, send another email.
(hope that was clear enough).

Richard Taylor
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The request not to get

The request not to get emailed an notification when you make a posting is obviously sensible, and we'll get that done.

As for only one notification, I can see how that would be desireable if lots of people were posting on a thread in one day, but what if there was no activity for a while - you might not mind a notification then, even if you'd not read the previous post on the thread.

One way to go might be to only send emails once daily - perhaps only then if you hadn't visited the board that day. (we could make it a preference so users could either have it work as it does now).

I also expect within the next year more people to be following the discussion posts on RSS readers - as they become integrated into mainstream browsers and operating systems. We are going to offer RSS feeds for each category, forum and thread as well as the current one for all posts within the next few weeks.

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A daily email is a good

A daily email is a good solution.

Fraser Moss
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I'm a big fan of the RSS feed

I'm a big fan of the RSS feed! Bring it on!

All you ie users will be able to join in next year I think

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Has anything been done about

Has anything been done about this? I still get email notification of my own posts on topics that I've subscribed too.