Oppose the Propose Cuts to the NIH Budget

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Oppose the Propose Cuts to the NIH Budget

On Saturday, February 19, the House of Representatives passed  H.R.1—a continuing resolution (CR) that funds federal programs for the remainder of FY11. H.R.1 includes a $1.6 billion cut (5.2%) in NIH funding from the FY10 level. This would reduce the NIH budget to the FY08 funding level.  Furthermore, if enacted, the entire cut would have to be absorbed in the remaining months of FY11, significantly intensifying the impact of the reduction.
The Senate is now expected to debate this measure during the week of February 28.
Please contact your elected representatives immediately to urge them to oppose this cut to the nation’s medical research effort.  The CLC encourages you to call your Senators and Representative. We’ve also provided a sample letter for your use at http://capwiz.com/jscpp/home/ should you choose to email your elected official.
Particular items slated for reduction in the CR include:

  • Eliminating $300 million Global HIV/AIDS transfer
  • Eliminating $304 million Project BioShield Special Reserve Fund Transfer to National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease
  • Cutting $77.3 million from the intramural Buildings and Facilities account, reducing it to $22.7 million
  • Cutting $260 million for noncompeting grants inflation, including an unprecedented statutory limit of $400,000 for competing research project grants
  • Cutting $48.5 million from the OD budget for the Common Fund, reducing it from $544.1 million in FY10 to $495.6 million