JOB & MEETING posts on weekends only?

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Jason King
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JOB & MEETING posts on weekends only?

How about a colleagial agreement to post JOB and MEETING posts at the weekend. This way, those that are interested can check out the forum on a Monday morning and leave the rest of the days free for scientists to seek solutions.
         YES. I'd prefer to see such postings on weekends only so that I can find relevant scientific information during the week, or
          NO. I don't mind spending time sifting through the classified adverts to find what I'm looking for.

Arvind Singh Pundir
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Yes i agree with parvoman ,

Yes i agree with parvoman , with this effort we can have a day fixed for our dedicated job and meeting posters(members) where they can post there valuable posts and other days the site can be used for scientific queries and discussions thereby enhancing the goal of scientist solutions forum, these are my personal views hope some one there will agree or disagree with that but its my opinion..........

Jason King
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What does everyone else think

What does everyone else think?

Fraser Moss
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Separating the science discussions from Job postings and meeting announcements in the most recent boxes is something we are working towards with the next round or two of site modifications.
Bear with us while the development is completed, but please continue the very useful suggestions.
We really appreciate the constructive ideas.

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Hi Parvoman

Hi Parvoman
I think there should be a separte column for those, but posting shouldn't be limited to week end only because sometimes the deadlines are close and may be missed, however due to separate column it will be easier for those interested to check at week ends.  

R Bishop
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Meetings post now go into the

Meetings post now go into the new section of the site called SciEvents, which is in beta but you can access from the blue navbar.  Job postings no longer appear in the Recent post lists.
Thanks for taking ownership of this community, we are here to help!
The Bishop