ICP/OES 5300 DV Plasma will not ignite

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ICP/OES 5300 DV Plasma will not ignite


I have an Optima 5300DV ICP OES. I am having problem of the plasma not igniting. We started having problem three months ago when the plasma kept turning on and off in the middle of the day while instrument is running. When I turned the plasma back on it will not ignite. I have to clean the shear gas nozzle and for a little while that helped. A week ago we changed the compressed air filter trap for shear gas ( we are using air as  shear gas). While changing, we noticed that there is a trace of water in the line going to the instrument. Then our problem started. Plasma will not ignite.  It give an error message “Plasma fails to ignite”, “ Shear gas is still flowing”, and “Shear gas will not shut off”.  I found a topic here about plasma is not igniting. I check all the obvious like make sure that there’s leak, checked that the ignitor contact finger is making contact with the tape on the bottom of the torch glassware and I checked ignitor ground. Check the exhaust vent is operating properly and is not blocked. Checked the torch connection, RF coil for condensation, argon supply is on, injector is not clogged, optic interlock is centered over the torch and check that nebulizer end cap and fitting are tightly secured to the spray chamber. Plasma is still not igniting.
What am I doing wrong? Please help!

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We have exact the same problem as you wrote on Optima 7300DV. Plasma is not ignited and service engineers do not know what the problem is. All parts are replaced, the compounds tested and plasma ignition contacts cleaned. Every day we spend 2 hours to light it and each time it is getting harder and harder. The most common problem with ignition is argon gas purity. But we have antoher ICP Spectro Ciros, and it works well.
The problem with the shear gas, we decided, by installing additional dryer before ICP. As a result the problem of shear gas do not disturb us more.
Need to tackle this problem together. If we have any results, I'll let you know immediately.

Best regards,

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I have the Perkin Elmer

I have the Perkin Elmer Optima 7300DV, it was working good, until they just moved the air compressor to a different place and added the longer tubing because is more far away from the instrument, now the plasma turns off in the middle of analysis, I have to flush and before trying to ignite again. I notice the dessicant beads get to trap moisture between the shear gas (air) and instrument get moisture, loose their blue color (dry indicator) in about 4hr-5hrs, by the end of the day they are completely moisture and not blue anymore. I don't know if can be a moisture problem. I'm waiting to receive a returned call from the tech support and will check their recommendations, whatever I do, if it solves the problem I'll post it! Meanwhile please send me some recommendations too.

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 hi , can anyone explain me

 hi , can anyone explain me how to use MSF AND use backgroun correction in general for icp-oes 5300dv which has winlab32 software.

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 We also have same problem on

 We also have same problem on 8300 DV. I change the torch and plasma ignites. One technician suggested me to wipe the torch with some tissues  and putting the instument for high purge for 1 min before igniting.

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We have the same problem

Do you solve this problem?I use an Optima 8300.I changed torch, inyector, o-rings, cleaned the ignitor, ground, change the cooper foil in the torch. Nebulize water with nebulizar, aux and plasma flows and I can´t ignite plasma.In the past months, I began to have this problem, but after 2 hours, was possible to ignite plasma, but today, I can´t do it.It's very rare, because when I ignite the plasma, analize for a few hours and I turn off the plasma to change the argon tank and reignite the plasma, I don´t have any problem but if I try to ignite the plasma the first time is like a nighmare.do you have any recommendation for solve this awful problem?

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Optima 8000 plasma will not ignite

Hi, I am having the same problem as you. I contacted my field engineer and he told me that it might be the oscillator or igniter problem and asked me to schedule a service call which is costly. I am hoping I switch out these parts myself. Have you fixed your problem?

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plasma not staying on

 I used an PE Optima 8300.I changed torch, injector, injector adaper, copper wire. Replace nebulizer and o rings. The plasma was only staying on for couple seconds.Do you have any recommendation for solve this problem?