Effect of Federal Govt Shutdown

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Effect of Federal Govt Shutdown

 So we heard that NIH is strongly encouraging applicants NOT to submit paper or electronic applications during the shutdown , NSF FastLane proposal preparation and submission is unavailable too and PubMed home page mentions that their staffing is minimal due to the lapse in govt funding. 

First sequester and now shutdown have been affecting federal research funding. It will be greatly helpful if you all could share your experience and what kind of feedback you have been reciving at your institution. 

In great spirit --- hoping for the best!!!

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A PI at the NIH said most

A PI at the NIH said most scientists were instructed to leave work yesterday and today he was ordered back to work but only "designated" people can work.

How can research experiments just stop?  I'm concerned about the potential loss.  Valuable experiments cannot be halted in most cases.