Best Bibliography Managing Software?

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Amar Annamalai
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Best Bibliography Managing Software?

Dear Scientists,

We have tons of bibliography managing softwares. I hope all you have experience with them and many of you are being used it. Can you share with us your experience with your bibliography managers? It would be excellent, if you suggest a best one.

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marcus muench
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 I used EndNote since version

 I used EndNote since version 2 or 3, introduced the program to many people and have raved about it as one the main reasons computers were invented.  Sadly, after the program was sold from that plucky little company in Berkeley, CA to the larger Thomson Reuters, my experience with the application has been all down hill.  Many new features didn't work on a Mac and their response was always "We know and hope to fix in the next (paid) update."  I still keep a copy around because sometimes I have to work with others that are using the program, but for my own work I've switched to Sente.

Sente has been developing nicely over the last few years.  They have had their issues in the past due to programing changes causing me to spend hours fixing my library (this is mostly an issue with attached PDF files).  However, it is running fairly well now.  I use it as a reference manager and organizer for all my papers.  My only problem is that it is running a bit slow because I download too many references (24k at the moment in the library) and my computer is 4.5 years old.