How to deal with cell cultures?

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How to deal with cell cultures?


I have a question, and I want to know your opinions.

I am working with thyrocytes and a typical "set up" is that I have cells cultured in a bicameral system on a membrane to be able to measure iodide transportation in basal to apical direction over the membrane and cells.
But my, I think perhaps really basic question is, how to deal with the data when there are several of experiments being made, although not at the same time but under as identical conditions as there can be (regarding time, concentrations etc..) but since using primary cells, there are of course different sets of cells each time)
So there are a variation that probably is due to variability in the different cells for example.

So when having say triplicates in each group and three separate performed experiments, is it "OK" to just take the values (count per minuts in my case since detecting gamma radiation) and make a mean with the 6 values from all experiments?

How are you thinking when performing statistics on cell cultures?

Thank you for any comments/inputs/suggestions


Abhishek Singh
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its really nice question you

its really nice question you arose
for dealing cells sample where variability is very high first you should check how much variability will be accepted and accordingly calculate coefficient of variance. mostly we try minimum coefficient of variance upto  5% then number of minimum observation/count are 400 similarly you can culate numbe of observastion endded for different error, coefficient of variation etc.
moreover if you do different setup you take controls so calulate deviation with those or convert into percentage and then find out variqation or ANOVA.