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Press Release

Scientist Solutions Announces Global Launch of First Multi-Disciplinary
Scientist-Moderated Online Forum

New Life Sciences Internet Forum Connects Scientists
for Problem Solving, Research and Collaboration Worldwide

January 18, 2005 (San Diego, CA) Scientist Solutions officially launched its company internationally after a year of development. The discussion board and centralized networking forum is the first of its kind for scientists to globally exchange ideas, problem solve and develop collaborative relationships for the advancement of science and technology. The Board was test marketed in California, the largest biotech region in the world, during the third quarter of 2004.

Based on years of selling products into the biotech industry, it was clear that the life sciences field could be more efficient in accessing information to facilitate the research process, said Scientist Solutions President Marcia Allen. We have recruited a team of experts including scientists, doctors, marketers and technology specialists to help fill this void and build a web site that uses a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface for exchanging information all for the purpose of advancing life sciences.

Biotechnology is one of the most research-intensive industries in the world. The U.S. biotech industry spent $17.9 billion on research and development in 2003 and employed close to 200,000 people. With the average timeframe of 17 years and the average cost of several hundred million dollars to launch a drug in the marketplace, the need for finding cures and bringing new drugs to market faster is evident. Scientists are continuously looking for ways to maximize resources, find answers to their questions and save time.

Featuring more than 20 life science disciplines, the Scientist Solutions Board is a free research tool for scientists, requiring no fees for membership or participation. Full-time scientists moderate each life science discipline, such as immunology, genetics, cell biology, proteomics, neuroscience and biochemistry to name a few, for a peer-to-peer discussion. To attract and retain scientists, Scientist Solutions utilizes a unique incentive program giving members entries for prize drawings when they sign up, initiate questions and answers, click on sponsor logos and refer friends to the site. The prizes include new cars (Prius, Smart Car, MiniCooper) and iPod MP3 players.

The Scientist Solutions Board features valuable links and short cuts to other helpful life sciences sites enabling scientists to gather useful information outside of the forum when needed. The viability of the web site is based on scientist participation, as well as the sale of a limited number of advertising sponsorships to suppliers or manufacturers. Scientist Solutions is offering special pricing with an unconditional guarantee for companies who sign up early.

About Scientist Solutions
Founded in 2003 and privately held, Scientist Solutions is the first multi-disciplinary, peer-to-peer, online forum for life scientists offering a centralized, international venue to problem solve, exchange information, improve research, advance science, speed up discovery and lower costs. For more information, visit