A hand needed in understanding this Article from PLOS(Gene knockdown)

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A hand needed in understanding this Article from PLOS(Gene knockdown)

Sorry this may sound a little childish.Im a newcomer to Genetics, and a student too.So my questions may show how little i know, but im willing to learn from the likes of helpful people such as you :).

The article can be found here:

My questions are as follows (the relevant headings under these comes are underlined).

1) Introduction

''Bidirectional colony-level artificial selection for the amount of stored pollen (pollen-hoarding) resulted in high and low pollen-hoarding honey bees that are maintained as standard strains''

Q- What does this mean?Did they arificially select the bees that hoard high and low amont of pollen?

2) Validation of peripheral IRS knockdown
 ''Knockdown was assessed relative to an established honey bee control procedure for non-specific effects of treatment or handling in RNAi experiments. This protocol requires injection of dsRNA toward a gene not found in the bee (a green fluorescent protein (GFP) encoding gene in vector, GenBank AF097553) [30],[48],[49]. The design was replicated twice by introducing workers into two separate host colonie''

Q-Why would they block a gene not found in the bee?

3) Wester Blot
''Detection was completely blocked by preabsorption control, i.e., when antibody first was mixed with an excess amount of the IRS peptide antigen''

Q-Why would they block the detection?