Primer Dilution

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Primer Dilution

The supplied primer concentration is as follows:
ArgXXXSer    5.0 O.D260= 28.7 nm=0.16 mg.
How to get a 10micromolar concentration of Primer. How much water do i need to add?
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Nikail Collins
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primer concentration

I always make a more concentrated stock so that I can dilute according to the assay being used since different assays require different concnetrations.  I always add a mL following the simple example listed here:For 24 nmole of oligo. If we resuspended oligo in 1 ml: 1 ml = .001 L24 nmole/0.001 L = 24000 nmole/L or 24000 nM24000 nmole/L X 1 umole/1000 nmole = 24 umole/L or 24 uMExplanation: We convert the volume in which the oligo was resuspended into liters. Then the total nmole amount of oligo is divided by the volume to get nM conc. The nmoles are converted to umole to get the uM conc.