World Environment Day at Soran University

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World Environment Day at Soran University

June 5, 2014  was World Environment Day and a series of environment preservation activities took place at the Faculty of Arts. Soran Mayor, Kiramnj Izzat, Dr. Yadgar and Dr. Qais were present as well as the staff of the War Organization.
At the beginning, there was an exhibition of photographs on the environmental pollution shown by the War Organization, an environmental preservation group. Dr. Sherwan Shareef, who specializes in environment and  is the head of the Geography Department followed with a seminar under the title ‘Our task in the Environment’.
There was also a short film shown about environmental pollution and its effects on humans.  Following that, a planting activity was undertaken by various participants.
In his speech, Dr. Qais Kakl, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, showed respect to all service people working at the Faculty of Arts for their highly regarded tasks. He mentioned that they have provided a great environment for students and lecturers at the Faculty. For that purpose they were honoured.