Diagnostic imaging on iPhone

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Diagnostic imaging on iPhone

Here are some more apps (as if you didn't have enough already!)
for your new iPhone or iPod touch, with a medical diagnostic twist:

Heart Imaging Technologies, LLC introduced a solution that allows medical images to be viewed on an Apple iPhone or iPod touch.
See examples at http://www.heartit.com/index.html
Physicians would click on a web link sent via email, enter their password, and, view movies of a patient’s beating heart. They can even put their colleagues on speakerphone for a medical consult while simultaneously browsing through the imaging results.

Here is another piece of news about the availability of MRI's and CAT scans on the iPhone so that life-saving treatments, for things like strokes, could be delivered sooner.

and lastly, promised apps: here is a recent article about the health and medical apps available for the iPhone:

My current favorites apps are ePocrates, a searchable database of medications, dosages and interactions and eponyms which is not mentioned in the above article. Eponymous medical signs are named after a person or persons, usually the physicians who first described them, but occasionally named after a famous patient with the signs, e.g., Lou Gehrig's Disease after the famed New York Yankee slugger whose death in 1941 was caused by this disorder.

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iPhone issues

There are several iPhone users get trouble to access the images on the iPhone. The users take any kind of pieces of advice guided apple customer support that will be useful for them.