Expression of pectinase gene in Aspergillus niger

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Expression of pectinase gene in Aspergillus niger

I am trying to do my research work in pectinase gene expression in Aspergillus niger, and i am thinking to  use pUC18 vector and YPD media for its expression, is there any better option then this. Is there any specific media used for screening recombinant Strain.
Or can i clone gene of yeast in bacteria
I needed your suggestion
Thank you

Ivan Delgado
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Hi Baneshwor,

Hi Baneshwor,
I do not know much about A. niger expression vectors, but you may want to consider these: pAN923 and pAN52.
You can clone, and in some cases even express, a yeast gene in bacteria, but it depends on the gene. Of course the vector you use has to be a bacterial vector with a bacterial promoter so all you would be doing is expressing the ORF of the N. niger gene in bacteria. It gets complicated when you want to express the yeast protein in bacteria since yeast likes to decorate some of its proteins with modifications not found in bacteria (like some glycosylation modifications).

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Any clue for self-cloning in

Any clue for self-cloning in Aspergillus niger. i would like to improve pectinase (PME and PL) production ?