What’s the difference between clinical research, studies and trials?

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What’s the difference between clinical research, studies and trials?

Research is a general term used to describe efforts to explore and understand things that are not clear to us.
A clinical study is a type of research—also called observational research—in which participants are observed. Drugs are not used. For example, CF clinical studies usually explore ideas about CF and the disease process.

While they don’t test drugs or treatments, they are very important for developing new ideas about cystic fibrosis and how it might be treated.

A clinical trial is a type of research—also called interventional research—that follows certain guidelines set up by the government to allow drugs or treatments to be tested with people.

Researchers see how a drug works in the body under highly controlled conditions and whether a treatment is helpful.

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Do you think there is any

Do you think there is any difference between Clinocal research and Clinical Trial? I'd seen in many places they had been used as synonyms....Can you please clarify me with some evidencial support that Clinical trial is the one where Intervention is there and is a part of Clinical research.


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I will agree with you that

I will agree with you that the terminology for Clinical research and/or Clinical trial is a bit confusing. I would personally agree that any Clinical trial is a part of clinical research, but the vise versa is a bit controversial.
The Wikipedia for instance has very straight definition for Clinical trial, implying that new medicine or device has to be tested in it. “Clinical trials are conducted to allow safety and efficacy data to be collected for new drugs or devices”.
Some other sources, such as NIH, would place Clinical trials as one of the aspects of Clinical research, separated from Epidemiological and behavioral studies. http://www.nichd.nih.gov/health/clinicalresearch/
FDA definition of clinical trial is very broad “Although there are many definitions of clinical trials, they are generally considered to be biomedical or health-related research studies in human beings that follow a pre-defined protocol. ClinicalTrials.gov includes both interventional and observational types of studies.” http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/info/understandInterestingly though, FDA mentioned interventional and observational types of studies and not trials?
So I would say that the criteria that separate “research” from “trial” is still confusing, however I would argue that research can be a very broad spectrum of activities, while in the trial you have to actually try something to get the result.

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difference between clinical research, studies and trials

Clinical research as a rule alludes to inquire about that gathers proof to build up a treatment with the goal that it would then be able to be utilized in clinical practice. Clinical preliminaries are the last piece of the clinical research process. For instance, before achieving clinical preliminaries, new medications initially must be: 1.Discovered 2.Purified 3.Tested in labs (in cell and creature contemplates) And that's only the tip of the iceberg, before they even begin being tried in clinical preliminaries. Of the considerable number of aggravates that are tried in these beginning times in clinical research, not very many ever achieve the phase of a clinical preliminary.