phospho-mapk & mapk as p42, p44 - double bands or just single band?

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phospho-mapk & mapk as p42, p44 - double bands or just single band?

Hi, I'm western blotting on phospho-mapk and mapk.
Some antibodies show me the figure of one band or sometimes double while reading a paper.
what was that?

if double, the upper and the below are going together at the same expression level in western blotting?
I mean, I'm stripping the membrane after detecting the phospho-form first to re-detect the non-phospho form of mapk.

Otherwiese, is it possible to see if the upper only decreases while the below has no change in density? or vice versa?


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Hi Phillipp,

Hi Phillipp,
Any time I've looked at Erk signaling (p42/44) I've seen it as a doublet in both phospho and total Erk. Any increase or reduction was seen in both bands (usually). I've never seen in the lab (or read in a paper) of a decrease in just p42 or just p44, and I always see Erk as two bands. Can you give the reference of the paper that shows it as one band?
Does this answer your question, or do you have a question more specific to your assay.
I used antibodies from Cell Signaling.

Arun Vaidyanath
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 Hi Philipp,

 Hi Philipp,
I will go with the answer of Omai. I've also done the Erk activation both Phospho and non phospho(whole). Till date I also got two bands all the times. I am using the antibody for Erk from Cell signaling. There is slight variation in the band intensity with both bands, the p42 being strong when you compare in ImageJ, but I always use to get two bands clearly. Hope this helps you.

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Hi! I am carrying out western

Hi! I am carrying out western blot analysis for the first time, on phospho-ERK amongst others. I wondered, what is your method of analysis for these?

I am currently using ImageJ but am experiencing problems;
- I can only select an area of minimum dimensions around an area of interes, which is larger than I would like
- one of my blots is "dirty", so I find there is a lot of background interference which I cannot resolve
- I am unsure what area to select in the lane selection - are there any rules around whether the background cut off selection must be straight? 
- can I analyse both of the doublet bands in the same plot? (as shown in attachment?)

Thanks for any help!